BinaSoft Technologies Security installation Systems

BinaSoft Technologies Security installation Systems help you safeguard your home and business with ease. Our passionate and experienced Engineer and technicians will work to find the best solutions that fit your needs. We have a reputation for providing unrivaled quality, value and maintenance service to our clients. With a strong background in audiovisual, IP CCTV systems and networking solutions. Our focus is bringing you state of the art technology that enriches your security lifestyle.


Depending on your Budget or Request, Our CCTV Systems can be tailored to your need.

Newly Improved Camera

Do Not Worry About What Is Going On In Your Home, Office, Church, Shop, tore, etc. With the newly improved camera you can monitor everything any way in the world.

Keeping your home Safe and Secure just got a whole lot easier with the Wireless Intelligent Camera.

Compatible With All Smartphones IOS and Android. 360° Monitoring – automatic tilting or by remote control

Motion Alarm – Triggers alarm on your phone when it detects suspicious movements.

Night Vision System – Night and Day Vision with Infra-Red.

Real-time information on your Smartphone: Enables a remote view from wherever you are using your cell phone. Just needing a WIFI connection it is possible to observe everything that is happening in your home, bedroom, company, and many other places.

Features Of Newly Intelligent Monitoring System

The intelligent monitoring system can be programmed to trigger the camera’s alarm, warning you on the app of any suspicious movements in your home. It has an infrared vision that supports up to 10 meters at night.

Auto Tracking: When somebody moves, the camera will track automatically following the moving objects and record video, real-time Notification push to you smart cellphone.



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